The Clinical Chemistry Section performs a wide variety of quantitative analysis of body fluids. It performs blood chemistries including kidney function tests, liver function tests, lipid profile, CK Isoenzymes, and electrolytes.

Special procedures such as Ammonia, Hemoglobin A1C, Microalbumin, and VMA are also being performed in the laboratory. It also provides diagnostic procedures in urine and other body fluids such as CSF and pleural fluid.

The Clinical Chemistry Section utilizes the first Total Laboratory Automation system in the country and the first of its configuration in Asia. Because it is fully automated, human error is reduced, the testing procedure becomes highly standardized, thus resulting to exceedingly accurate and reliable laboratory results. With a broad test menu of more than 160 assays and a high throughput of up to 1370 tests per hour, the Clinical Chemistry Section is able to cope with the increasing demands for a wide variety of testing and a large volume of laboratory requests. With this system, results are released much faster and thus treatment can be given in a timely manner.